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Department of Engineering Technology

The mission of the Department is to provide an overall high quality, applications-oriented curriculum in the engineering technology. This curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers as engineering technologists who have the ability to understand new developments in their fields, adapt to change, embrace professional development opportunities, and assume professional roles in their respective fields.


To fulfill our mission, we have set the following specific goals/objectives for the Department:


1. To stabilize and strengthen the faculty.

2. To obtain new research and laboratory facilities.

3. To assure that our programs and courses are current and appropriate as determined by regular review by the faculty and the industrial advisory board.

4. To assure that our programs continue to meet ABET requirements.

5. To assure that our graduates are well trained with the outcome that they receive competitive career opportunities.

6. To assure that our graduates can identify, formulate, and solve technical problems in the engineering technology field.

7. To assure that our graduates can perform engineering technology design projects.

8. To assure that our graduates can work in project teams.

9. To assure that our graduates can present technical material orally and in writing.

10. To enhance learning by providing a learning environment in the lecture and laboratory, by providing available hours for counseling by a team consisting of the instructor, other faculty, staff, student mentors, laboratory assistants, and tutors.

11. To maintain progressive faculty development programs to assure that faculty members possess expertise in current technology with the outcome that they have experiences worthy of sharing with the technical community and that they are qualified for promotion and tenure.

12. To improve retention rates, promote academic success, and allow students to get the most from their educational experience by giving all students access to beneficial mentoring and advising.


Students wishing to pursue the B. S. in Engineering Technology or declare a major in the Department must meet the admission requirements:



Contact the Department for advisement/registration once TASP requirements have been completed and deficiencies are remedied.