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Hands-Free Wireless Automatic Garage Door Opener

Project Abstract

This project describes the design of a wireless, hands-free, keyless, automatic garage door opener that operates the door (without any human interaction) as the vehicle approaches or exits the garage. Since the cost of existing garage door openers is relatively inexpensive due to technological advancement, a touch-free model may be cost-effective as well as convenient, especially for people with physical limitations. Also, in case of system failure and as a matter of necessity, the garage door opener illustrated herein has the capability of manual operation. This endeavor was simulated by senior students at Texas Southern University, utilizing their knowledge of electronics and engineering in a control systems class, to make this an efficient and marketable design.

Project Advisor

Dr. Saneifard

Rasoul Saneifard, Ph.D., P.E.


Tyrone Tamela Jason

Tyrone Greaves         Tamela Porter                   Jason Robinson

Annual Research Week's Conference, April 2-5, 2007

Presentation Award

Presentation                                          First Place Award