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American Society of Indian Engineers (ASIE) Scholarship

It is available now for applying. All applications MUST be submitted to ASIE by September 19, 2008. Download the application from here.

The Michael Agina Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Dr. Michael Agina, the Department of Engineering Technology presents The Michael Agina Memorial Scholarship. It is available now for applying. To apply, write a one-page letter of interest indicating your GPA, your major, T-number, name and expected date of graduation. Submit letter via email to Dr. Thomas at thomassg@tsu.edu. Deadline: August 20, 2008

Research Week 2007


Dr. David Olowokere, P.E.
Department Chair, Engineering Technology
With rapid depletion of nonrenewable energy resources globally, solar energy being a renewable energy resource must be enthusiastically embraced at least on a supplementary basis. Solar energy is a widely distributed form of energy that is available in situ in most geographical regions of the world. As such, solar energy converters can be packaged as portable power systems for use in remote locations and in emergency situations. In several of the states in the South East of the U.S.A., the daily solar insolation averages about 5 to 6 kWh/m2 per day. Sustainable development is a major concern for present and future use of nonrenewable resources that are being rapidly depleted. Solar energy is free energy that can be perennially exploited and is thus a premium resource for sustainable development. The major cost element is capital, and maintenance costs can be minimal when passive components are utilized. Use of standard components (rather than customized items) in solar applications can lead to significant capital cost reductions because of the economy of scale associated with devices that are in the market already. This paper considers major solar energy applications that can significantly reduce dependence on the nonrenewable energy resources. These applications include (1) Thermal Applications (2) Solar Electricity Generation, and (3) Biogas Generation. High cost and reliability concerns appear to be the major obstacles to widespread embrace of solar energy as a realistic alternative to conventional energy for meeting energy needs today. These issues are discussed in view of their relevance and importance to meeting the challenge of making solar energy application more acceptable than it has been thus far.
Dr. Olowokere Dr. Olowokere
Dr. Olowokere was the third place winner of the Faculty Oral Presentations


Dr. Rasoul Saneifard, P.E.
Modern control systems frequently require a properly designed digital controller in a closed-loop control scheme that allows flexibility in the system and the capacity for expansion. These objectives are accomplished by modeling the control system in continuous time, and utilizing two different discretization methods to obtain a discrete-time controller. Simulations in both discrete and continuous-time were performed, and the controller implemented through the use of a computer.
Dr. Saneifard